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Welcome to my holistic coaching program, where transformation takes flight. My tailor-made coaching sessions are designed to guide you in various aspects of your life, from emotional well-being to personal growth and resilience. Join me on a journey of self-discovery, healing and personal development.


Program Overview

• Duration: individual sessions of one hour each or choose a package of 6 sessions at preferential prices. 

• Start with a free 20-minute session. 

• Video sessions or in-person meetings in my office in Luxembourg.

Samadhi coaching - La sérénité naît de la guérison et de l'équilibre.


Serenity comes from healing and balance

Choose between 4 packages

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E. Inner Healing
Samadhi pictos-09.png
F. Emotional Balance
Samadhi pictos-10.png
G. Empowered Path
Samadhi pictos-11.png
H. Confident Shift
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E. Inner Healing

Past traumas, unresolved and emotional scars can profoundly impact your overall well-being. If you are looking for guidance and support in addressing and healing from these deeply rooted experiences,Inner Healing allows you to:


• Navigating through various forms of trauma

• Improve emotional resilience

• Build effective tools to cope with traumatic experiences

• Elevate your emotional well-being

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F. Emotional


Persistent stress, anxiety and emotional exhaustion can significantly disrupt your mental clarity and overall well-being. If you are looking for strategies to regain control over your emotions and transform your mindset,Emotional Balance allows you to :

• Understand and effectively manage emotional triggers

• Learn and apply stress and anxiety management techniques

 • Improve personal and professional effectiveness

• Prevent emotional exhaustion and boost well-being. 

• Achieve a balanced and solution-oriented mindset

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G.Empowered Path

Self-doubt and the feeling of being stuck can significantly obscure your path. If you are looking to unlock your unique potential,Empowered Path allows you to :


 • Deepen self-understanding and acceptance

• Deploy strategies that promote personal growth and development

• Unlock and utilize your inner talents and potential;

• Navigate through life's challenges with resilience

• Achieve a fulfilling life, guided by a resolutely inspiring life goal

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H. Confident Shift

Life transitions, such as career changes and major life events, can be challenging and destabilizing. If you are looking for support and advice to adapt to these changes, Confident Shift allows you to :

• Navigate through life transitions with confidence and resilience

• Develop robust strategies to manage change and uncertainty

• Seize opportunities for personal growth during transitions

• Ensure emotional well-being amidst life changes

• Adapt successfully to new phases of life


Ready to immerse yourself? Book your free 20 minute call now!


Why choose Samadhi coaching?

  • Multidimensional expertise: with 25 years of experience in financial management and a successful personal transition, I offer an in-depth understanding of personal and professional challenges.

  • Holistic approach: Using neuroscience, mindfulness techniques and various therapies, my coaching combines depth and pragmatism to guide you through life's challenges.

  • Discovery route: my experience, enriched by meditation and philosophy, shapes authentic and profound support in your transformation.

  • Commitment to fulfillment: driven by a belief in personal transformation, I guide each individual with listening and empathy, fostering a growth mindset in all aspects of life.

  • Samadhi – your caring guide : reflecting my mission to guide towards full consciousness and unity, Samadhi is your ally in your journey towards a conscious and controlled life.

Martine's testimonial

Dear Caroline, Thank you for guiding me on the path of my soul and helping me become aware of the essential things to become who I truly am for the greater good. With all my gratitude. 

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