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Samadhi coaching en entreprise, leadership éclairé pour remédier au désengagement des employés


Enlightened leadership sparks potential and prioritizes well-being

Inspired by the vision of Samadhi, I firmly believe that the success of a business is closely linked to the well-being of its key contributors. I argue that the key to harmonizing performance and well-being at work lies in strong foundations of trust and close relationships between employees and management.


This credo not only dictates my approach, but has also proven to be the catalyst for a notable increase in employee engagement.


Finally, I think that the role of the manager is essential within a company. 


It establishes a direct link between strategic decisions and their effective execution in the organization. Therefore, it becomes essential to maintain a balance between performance and well-being.

Choose between 4 packages

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A. Individual mentoring
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B. Enlightened Leadership Program
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C. Lunch & learn
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D. Employee Engagement Survey Tool
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A. Individual mentoring

• 6-month program: including two hours of individual mentoring each month. 

• Unleash and inspire: Customize programs to your unique leadership goals and inspire excellence. 

• Balanced development: prioritize well-being while promoting professional and personal growth. 

• Strategic focus: adopt a goal-oriented, evaluation-driven approach. 

• Expertise exploited: use proven managerial coaching techniques during your journey.

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B. Enlightened

leadership program

• Duration: 6 workshops, 2 days each (8 hours/day). 

• Group: ideal for 6 to 12 participants. 

• Flexibility: workshops individually or in packs;

• Tailor-made coaching: options for specific individual coaching sessions.

• Fortified Managers: Build leadership skills and self-awareness to foster a thriving work environment.

WORKSHOPS “Samadhi enlightened leadership”

Develop enlightened leadership

Master self-awareness, metacognition and emotional agility


Demystify cognitive biases

Enhance self-awareness to elevate discernment, decision-making, and purposeful actions


Cultivate balance at work

Manage stress, as well as physical, mental and emotional balance at work


Build trust to unlock potential

Implement psychological safety as a foundation for team trust and performance


Foster authentic connections

Apply effective and agile communication based on strong team connection


Master constructive feedback

Transform performance through constructive feedback


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C. Lunch & Learn

• Duration: 45 minutes 

• Group: Around 20 participants


Themes include:

  1. Enlightened leadership

  2. Impactful communication

  3. Stress management and well-being

  4. Avant-garde subjects


Nourish your mind during your meal!

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D. Employee Engagement Survey Tool

Explore the power of our comprehensive 12-month program, supported by a user-friendly SaaS platform. Elevate employee engagement with intelligent, anonymous surveys.


Four key phases:

  1. Survey platform: gain insights with intelligent, anonymous surveys.

  2. Action Plan: Develop a tailored plan for improvement.

  3. Executive committee validation: ensure alignment with the management team.

  4. Engagement Metrics Tracking: Continuous assessment, reassessment and comprehensive reporting, including KPIs and updates across the company.


Join hands with Samadhi, and together, let's create a work environment where your leaders thrive, your culture flourishes, and your employees truly prosper.

samadhi coaching philosophie, état d'esprit, croissance et bien-être, compétences de leader

My approach

Think of coaching not just as a skill, but as an integral philosophy within leadership.


I do not aim to provide ready-made solutions, but to guide individuals towards discovering their own answers.


This state of mind is anchored on a founding pillar: “The leader-coach, the embodiment of trust. 


Wielding a coaching mindset, the thought leader shapes a culture rooted in growth and well-being, using finely tuned skills to lead and unlock potential within their team.

The benefits for your leaders with Samadhi

Development & well-being: Enhance skills and embrace fulfilling mental well-being.

Productive vigilance: elevate focus and resilience for flawless efficiency.

Enlightened Growth: navigate between conscious, emotional and sustainable development.

Creativity & symbiosis: cultivate innovation in a breeding ground of trust and collaboration.

Organizational harmony: orchestrate resolved conflicts, informed decisions and an engaging culture.


Will you be part of this transformation?

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