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Hello, I am Caroline Libeau

My identity.

With expertise rooted in 25 years of financial leadership, I combine my own leadership experience with an innovative coaching practice, inspired by mindfulness and neuroscience. 

My approach is structured around a philosophy that prioritizes being, considering doing and having as natural consequences of authentic introspection and personal development.


My story. 

My quest for wisdom, navigating through philosophies and meditative practices, has sculpted the path I walk today. Each stage of life has enriched my empathy and depth as a coach and leader. 

Neuroscience builds a bridge between mindfulness and scientific rationality, illuminating knowledge and self-control with an objective light.


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Why this vocation?

Driven by an unshakeable faith in the emancipation and development of individuals, my professional trajectory has constantly worked to promote collective elevation and personal development. 

My mission goes beyond personal growth to extend to the business world and leadership. With this in mind, I am committed to promoting the adoption of a coaching mentality, implementing active listening and empathetic guidance in all spheres of the professional world.

Passionate about skills amplification, I aim to support, while cultivating autonomy and empowerment, both leaders and their teams.


Samadhi: My business

Samadhi, my company aims to guide individuals and teams towards greater consciousness and unity. 

The Unalome, symbol of my approach, illustrates this aspiration to navigate with wisdom and compassion through the challenges of existence, and of professional and personal development.


The purpose of Samadhi

Samadhi was born from my desire to share a firm belief: fulfillment comes above all from self-knowledge. 

By using wisdom and compassion as guiding lights, my goal is to illuminate your inner journey, opening pathways to life and leadership enhanced by heightened awareness and self-mastery.

transformation intérieure dans sa nature profonde
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